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Planning for Perfect Wedding Music

Do you like Pachelbel's Canon, Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love or Bruno Mars' Marry You? We have so much music for you to consider!

When choosing the perfect music for your wedding or special event it is important that you think about the style you like, the mood you are trying to set and any tunes or pieces that have special meaning for you!

For wedding ceremonies the Camerata String Quartet offers music for:

• Prelude - 15-20 minutes before the start time of the wedding

This can be classical or contemporary music that your guests will hear as they enter to be seated.

• Processionals - Separate or combined time for grandparents, parents, attendants and couple

CSQ can provide separate music for each group or individual as they walk OR

Music for all can be the same piece or tune.

• Special music - Music for interludes, candle lighting, flower or sand ceremonies, position changes

This music will be used to fill time in which the officiant and couple are not talking

It is usually more reflective or quiet, but again this is up to you.

This might also be music to accompany vocalists or other soloists chosen by the couple.

• Recessional - You turn to face your guests and hear applause and music!

This is usually signaled by the officiant or on the program

Recessionals are most often very upbeat or celebratory and the music reflects the mood!

• Postlude - 15-20 minutes after the wedding ceremony for the receiving line and/or as guests and

wedding party are leaving the area. Music will reflect wishes of the couple!

The Camerata String Quartet share an extensive list of classical, contemporary and dance music. For music that can't be found online or in print for string quartet, we can create new arrangements for an added fee per piece. You can choose all or some of the music for us to provide. We can give you suggestions as well. Let us know what you prefer!

A professional, elegant and fun performance....this we can promise you!

We have plenty of great tunes for receptions, dinner and dances as well. Check out our website!

Listen to our classical music sample recordings at

Contemporary music samples recordings will be available later this spring!!

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