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CSQ making history as a string quartet!

For the second year, the Camerata String Quartet was THE string quartet for the Titanic Reenactment Dinner at the Al Ringling Mansion Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin. We really enjoy performing for concerts and other special events, as well as weddings!

The research that goes into a performance such as this is very interesting. We did a little work to figure out our costumes just as the guests in attendance, but most of our preparation went into researching music; pieces from 1912 and the ten years before include tin pan alley songs, Joplin ragtime, hymns, waltzes, European art music and of course the "throwback" nods to Mozart and Bach.

We have all heard the stories about the string quartet playing while the famous ship sank! It was quite an emotional end to the evening to see the percentage of those in attendance who would have been lost to the ocean on that fateful day.

Join us on the actual anniversary date next year (April 14) when the ship sinks again after the delicious multi-course elegant dinner! For tickets you can call 608-448-7455. We would love to see you there!

Photo credit: Maureen McCarty; CSQ violinist not in the photo!

Photo credit:  Maureen McCarty, CSQ violinist

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