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Through sun and wind and rain...

Outdoor weddings in the spring, summer and fall months are often the most beautiful but it can be more difficult to predict the environmental factors. Sometimes the rain comes in for even an hour and changes plans. Sometimes the wind makes it tough for the flowers, hair and drape to stay put. Sometimes the sun is unrelenting despite shade being nearby, but....

The Camerata String Quartet is always prepared for these certainties and we feel that weather, no matter the type, can enhance the outdoor wedding ceremony, rather than detract from it, especially if we are prepared for it.

Photography and visual ambiance take on a new unpredictable, but still beautiful, slant.

The music must go on as well and it must be heard, felt and enjoyed to add a meaningful take on the special day!

1) CSQ owns a white canopy with up to three sides that we can set up in case of inclement weather to protect our instruments and to add elegance to the decor!

2) CSQ keeps our music and books organized and controlled with our signature purple clothespins to laugh at the breeze!

3) CSQ knows how to situate ourselves so that sound systems are not needed and we can remain close to the ceremony and guests without being in the way!

4) CSQ is open about our planning, so there are no surprises even if Mother Nature decides to launch a curve ball. In this way, the bridal party and families never need to worry about whether or not the musical offering will be beautiful and meaningful.

See you outside this summer!!

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