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From Bach to Bruno; Vivaldi to Viva La Vida...CSQ has it all!

As we head into fall, we have noticed that many couples are choosing music that fits a theme, so we wanted to share some music categories with composers and example pieces.

If you enjoy classical music, are a performer, or have studied art music you might be interested in choosing music from the following list:

Bach, J.S. -- From the Orchestra Suites to the Brandenburg Concerti to Sacred Music

Debussy and Faure -- Impressionist pieces

Handel, G.F. -- From Oratorios to Stage Music to Suites

Mozart, W.A. -- From Eine Kleine Nachtmusik to Church Music to Opera and Divertimenti

Puccini, Massenet, and Bizet -- Opera

Tschaikovsky -- Ballet and Music that inspired Disney animation

Telemann and Vivaldi -- Sonatas, Four Seasons and Baroque Suites

and so much more!!

If you like jazz history and love listening to true American music from the 1900s, you might like to hear these composers at your wedding:

Joplin, Scott -- Rags and Dances from Country Club to Maple Leaf Rag

Gershwin, George -- Film music and colorful tunes from Standards to Film

Porter, Cole -- Dance and dream music from the 20s and 30s

Ellington, Duke -- The master at making the big band sound like an orchestra

Standards from various movie giants -- From Sound of Music to the 80s and 90s

Maybe you're a folk enthusiast and we have the acoustic sound for you:

Scottish Reels and Strathpeys

Irish Tunes and Jigs

Appalachian favorites

Folk rock from the 60s

Bluegrass favorites

Consider the music from film and stage lists:

Phantom of the Opera

Best of ABBA

Moulin Rouge

Lord of the Rings

Video Games Live from Zelda to Yiruma to Hisaishi

Game of Thrones


Harry Potter

Les Miserables

and much more!

How about a wedding of the oldies and/or music of your time?:

Elvis and Neil Diamond to Coldplay and Clapton

Beatles -- From the Classics to the Creative

Bruno Mars -- From Dance to Funk

Brit Rock -- From Led Zeppelin to Queen

American Rock -- From Jim Morrison to Metallica to Imagine Dragons

Indie and Alternative -- Ed Sheeran to Owl City to Edward Sharpe

and tons of others!

We have something for everyone...professional, elegant and fun!

We also love to search for new titles and have many sources for those hard to find pieces for string quartet. Set the mood, find a theme, or just pick tunes that are meaningful for the two of you!

The Camerata String Quartet is Your Wisconsin Wedding String Quartet!!

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