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Add a bit of class to your corporate event!

There is NOTHING like live music! Live music for your party, dinner, reception, awards program, appreciation event or employee evening.

The Camerata String Quartet is available to offer some excitement and class for your corporate event! We have played for concerts, receptions and dinners.

We can perform music from the classical favorites, contemporary pop, jazz standards, classic rock, folk legends, movie titles, and video game works! If there is something special you would like performed we can find new titles online or in print for string quartet AND we can also create new arrangements.

From Bach to Bruno to Bernstein to Beatles to Games of Thrones and Outlanders, Coldplay and Queen, CSQ is excited to offer you and your company or organization an evening of favorites for all ages of guests and special audiences.

While it is true that many of our Saturdays in 2018 are filled with weddings and wedding receptions...

...we still have many evenings and weekdays open for you and your attendees. Our reasonable rates are open to negotiations depending on your needs and wishes. We love to play for birthdays, appreciation events, receptions, and corporate dinners. We have even played mini-concerts to add to special concert series or company events.

Contact us at Camerata String Quartet; 608-516-1339 or

You can also visit our website at to see our bios, history, reviews, photos and music lists...and hear our classical and contemporary music sample recordings.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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