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Beautiful, warm, sunny, breezy, misty problem! Summers with CSQ

One would expect that it might difficult to perform outdoors with instruments and bows that are made of wood. But that is not the case. The Camerata String Quartet is prepared for all situations.

We have a pretty white canopy with sides offered free of charge that covers us and our instruments in case of bright sun or a little drizzle. We have plexiglass clips and binders that keep our music from flying away in a breeze. And we have closets stocked with a variety of concert black attire for any temperature or situation.

We understand that outdoor events are beautiful and carefully planned. Sometimes the decision to move inside is a difficult one to make and we get that. Our violins, viola, and cello don't mind a little Wisconsin humidity and as long as we promise to protect them from extremes, they'll continue to produce a lovely sound for us....and for you!

We are going to start requesting that, if the temperature is lower than 60 degree F. and the event is going to remain outdoors, we will require access to electricity so we can heat our performance area with space heaters. This may happen as early as mid-September in this part of the country. However, it is also true that we have played for a wedding in the very end of October on a wonderful 75 degree day.

We are thrilled to play for you. We know you want the best possible performance AND we all want to protect the instruments. We will work with you to get this to happen!!

Thanks for choosing the Camerata String Quartet!

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