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Music for Four is Music for You!!

The Camerata String Quartet is a QUARTET; 4 musicians consisting of two violinists, one violist and one cellist.

CSQ offers music that has depth, because all parts and ranges are covered. The sonority of a string quartet comes closest to replicating the sound of a larger classical, jazz or rock ensemble. CSQ does not break into smaller configurations, such as duos or trios. Those configurations are for different purposes and engagements. And there is much less classical and contemporary literature available for anything less than a quartet.

CSQ has 5 star reviews because of their professionalism, their responsiveness, and because they offer the fullest sound within a small ensemble, a sound that is resonant, beautiful, and adaptable to multiple settings.

CSQ is competitive with other professional string quartets in the Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and Chicago area. You will receive a rapid response, clear contracts, easy contacts, consultation, extensive music lists (over 350 classical and contemporary titles) flexible choices, professional performance, and most importantly, beautiful music on your special day. Whether you are interested in the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, All You Need is Love, Halo, or Concerning Hobbits, this ensemble has that...and much more.

The Camerata String Quartet: romantic, professional, and fun! CSQ has been together for over 20 years with over 200 years of combined playing experience. They will love to work with will love to work with them!

Book this award winning string quartet by clicking on this sentence.

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