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We're the Real Deal...with a Valentine's Deal!

Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day? The Camerata String Quartet is offering $40 off for all wedding, reception, and dinner performances booked between February 14 and February 21, 2023! We would like to help you celebrate an engagement, plan a wedding, or just get ready to party!

What are the benefits of a full string quartet (4 string players)? This is the closest you can get to an orchestra, a rock band, a jazz combo, or a folk ensemble without the cost, space needs, and amount of equipment!

You pick the music from our extensive library of classical and contemporary tunes. AND if there is something you would like to hear that is not on our lists, we can look for it online or in print.

We are responsive, professional, skillful...and FUN! You set the mood and we will follow.

Choose the Camerata String Quartet for 2023 and beyond. We're here for you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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